An end-to-end multimedia cross-channel publishing for an evolving Media Organization

News Media Organizations have one goal: making news available and accessible 24/7 through all delivery channels: print, web, mobile, tablets and social media. Whether you are a News Agency or Publishing Organization your challenge is to capture, produce and distribute the news through various channels within limited timeframe.
Νewsasset Suite is a cross-media and multi channel publishing platform that can help you achieve full automation of the editorial workflow while publishing content anywhere with only one click. It can be integrated and deployed within few weeks and can reduce a publisher's or news agency’s operating costs by a huge 35-50%.
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Easy to use, modular, configurable, tailored to your needs that can boost productivity, collaboration and minimize operating costs.

The suite includes:

Newsasset Agency   Νewsasset Agency: Exclusively developed for News Agencies. This is a unique solution that caters all agency needs from planning through creating, gathering and selecting, editing to producing, distributing and archiving. It gives you the ability to automate fully all your processes while offering powerful digital asset management tools that can help you monetize your assets and boost profitability.
Newsasset Publishing   Νewsasset Publishing: It is an End-to-end Multimedia Cross-Publishing Solution for all contemporary Publishers. This All-in-One system covers all multimedia assets, all types of workflow and all news asset activities, via a friendly, industry-standard interface. Full support of channel independent content for wide range of formats makes newsasset ideal for cross-channel publishing.
Newsasset Suite is the ideal system for Publishers and News Agencies willing to modernize their editorial workflow, using only one cross-media publishing solution, boost productivity and decrease operational costs. You will benefit from covering all issues and publications, support new industry trends and all business models for monetizing your digital content. You will be amazed by how easily you can monitor the editorial workflow real-time and by the layout automation feature and by the user-friendly user interface of Newsasset Suite.