The Planning, Budgeting, Reporting and consolidating software every finance team needs

Completely automate your fiscal cycle today with Performance Canvas Suite! Now, you can create and refresh reports and budgets in MS Excel while combining it with ERP data with no fuss at all!

Built with no ERP dependancies, the platform is created by Finance Experts for Finance Experts. Using its full and native MS Excel interface secures an enhanced user-friendly experience, allowing you to leverage your skills towards easy software championship.
Performance Canvas Suite improves your budget process by over 100% and helps you get accurate traceability in all of the things you do without interfering with people´s regular tasks.

pcFinancials - powerful reporting, budgeting, planning, and consolidating all in one tool

The Simplest and Most Intelligent Financial Platform today

pcFinancials is today´s easiest and most streamlined way to do Planning, Budgeting, Reporting, and Consolidating.
Built by the joint efforts of world class finance experts so you can be guaranteed up-to-date and world class products but with reasonable costs.

  • No more large spreadsheet problems, no more months of waiting – with pcFinancials you can be up and running in just 1 week with an intelligent and fully automated Finance Process.
  • pcFinancials prides itself by being highly customizable. Pre-built packages are available, yet, it is so agile it can adapt to varying business complexities. In fact, the more complex your business and the higher your demands, the more suitable pcFinancials is for you!
  • Build and design your own report in less than 2 minutes with a drag and drop function!  If you are sick of manually consolidating your data, pcFinancials can do it for you as well

Faster, highly-configurable, user-friendly solution

  • pcFinancials has native Microsoft user interface that majority of finance experts are already familiar with. Therefore, learning the software only takes 30 minutes of in-house training
  • Fully integrated financial modules

Comprehensive and more Intelligent Reporting

Pre-built standard reports are comprehensive and are easily tailored to personal preferences of the user. Reports include Actual, Budget, Forecast, and other historical data for comparison purposes

Reliable Figures

The investigative features of the software and other built in modules allows for decreased time spent and increased accuracy

Improved Financial Control and Comprehensive security

The tracking and transparency within pcFinancials enables you to immediately drill down to source and drill around it for proper accounting

Improved Work Efficiency

pcFinancials´ customers have reduced their budget cycle times to half what they previously were. It sits on top of a powerful Microsoft SQL server giving it its unparalleled performance speed

World-class quality

pcFinancials was built by the joint efforts of the finance experts behind behind SAP BPC, IBM Cognos, Frango Consolidations, and OutlookSoft. Demos and implementations are done firsthand by these experts to ensure successful implementation and usage.