Training Management for the national public administration network "SYZEFXIS"

Development of training portal for Public Sector

End to end LMS providing blended learning, synchronous and asynchronous eLearning, for the acquisition of support skills of the Network "Syzefxis" through Service Level Agreement (SLA)






Learning Management System, Virtual Learning Environment & Authoring tools


Saba Learning & Saba Centra Virtual Classroom

Tangible Resutls

15 topics covered with custom course development
15 topics covered with custom course development
Skill Gap analysis for 15,500 learners,  1,700 organizations
Skill Gap analysis for 15,500 learners, 1,700 organizations
Help Desk, tech & operational support services
Help Desk, tech & operational support services

The insights behind the project

«SYZEFXIS» is a project of the Greek Ministry of the Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization, which aims at the development and updating of the Public Sector’s telecom infrastructure. The organization aimed for the provision of training and certification services to civil servants through an integrative Training Web Portal for the development of skills/competencies of learning topics required for operating and providing support to the VPN. Indicative learning topics included networking installations, custom applications, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

What we did for the client

The project was broken down to 9 sub-projects. Sub-project 8 was delivered in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that provided an integrated solution for:

  • Synchronous & asynchronous learning
  • Collaboration tools
  • Blended learning capabilities
  • Curriculum management for synchronous and asynchronous distance learning
  • Learning content and learning resources management
  • Competencies and certification management
  • Back-office services for educators that included.

Learning administration and training activities were delivered through a high-end integrated Learning Management System (LMS) with Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and an online learning content authoring tool. The LMS and VLE platforms were based on Saba Software Inc.’s Saba Learning Suite and Saba Centra Virtual Classroom. The online authoring tool was a custom application, iLearn.

The outcome

During production, the learning solution provided end-to-end training and learning administration services for 5,000 end-users (learners), educators, and administrators. By the end of the project (12/2009) the total number of end-users, learners and educators, had cumulatively risen to 15,500.

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