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Smart Media & Content Management

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News production & Management

Newsasset Suite provides a common Content Hub for the consolidation of editorial production and distribution for Print, Digital, Radio, TV, even News Agency activities. An intuitive and secure platform that facilitates a truly Convergent Newsroom.

Corporate Newsroom

Infoasset is an integrated content collaboration solution, unifying all aspects of media monitoring, content planning and creation, to digital asset management and cross channel publishing.

Content verification

Truly Media is a collaborative platform for the analysis and verification of digital content, in real time. It allows cooperation across organizational boundaries, time zones and geographic regions.

Twitter analytics

Truthnest helps you Identify true influencers, and detect trolls and bots by profiling Twitter user accounts based on their activity, network and influence.

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Experts in Editorial Management & Cross Channel Publishing

We design and develop high end solutions for the global media industry since 2001! Newsasset Suite is a modular and agile cloud-based solution to converge editorial production for Print, Digital, Radio, TV and News Agencies!

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When information is your most important asset

Infoasset streamlines all aspects of content monitoring, creation, publishing and archiving within your company!


Aggregate relevant , clutter free content from multiple sources in real time & exploit automated reports

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Editorial and approval workflows.
Unified digital asset management for new and curated content

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Feed online & offline channels using customized schedules, templates and distribution rules to effectively address different audiences.

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