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Smart Data for Informed Decisions

Get vital insights from previously untapped data assets

Turn your data into revenue opportunities

Our Services

Big Data Consulting

We help you assess your current needs and identify best-fit technologies to manage your data effectively.

Big Data Implementation

We support on cloud, on premises and hybrid solutions. Their architecture includes data lakes, data warehouses, ETL processes, OLAP cubes, reports and dashboards.

BI & Analytics

We facilitate you moving from descriptive analytics to predictive analytics, combining complex rule-based algorithms, machine learning techniques with novel business intelligence tools.

Data visualization

Custom intuitive dashboards and interactive reports will allow you to monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) easily, tracking progress and trends at every level of your organization.

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Analytics for Academic Publishers

Consistent, credible, comparable usage data

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How we do it

Identify the pain point

Define key challenges, business issues & set goals


Collect data and improve quality and structure, if necessary


Set process and develop analytical algorithms for better understanding


Solution implementation & process optimization. Analytical algorithms integration


Assess benefits & create long term-use framework

What Makes Us the Best

Team excellence
Team excellence
Data scientists, design experts, architects, and software engineers to undertake challenging tasks
Extensive AI skills
Extensive AI skills
Leverage the latest tools, and develop rules and policies that ensure performance
Cloud competency
Cloud competency
We work with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms
UI/UX expertise
UI/UX expertise
Well-defined structure of KPIs presented in a visually appealing manner
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