Taleo Cloud Based Recruiting Solution for SANI & IKOS RESORT

A complete recruiting solution to source and recruit efficient talent workforce

SANI & IKOS RESORT needed to achieve hiring efficiency and accuracy in a constantly changing environment.






Recruiting Management


Oracle Taleo Cloud


One system to support differentiated selection workflows
One system to support differentiated selection workflows
Ability to hire and onboard the best talent available in a flexible way
Ability to hire and onboard the best talent available in a flexible way
Ensure continuity by deepening its ‘bench strength’
Ensure continuity by deepening its ‘bench strength’

The insights behind the project

SANI & IKOS RESORT is one of the biggest luxury resorts in Greece, located in Southern Greece, near Thessaloniki. It operates all year round, providing a variety of hospitality services to its customers out of its 5 different establishments, its privately owned marina, an annual music festival hosted on-premise and more.

Human Capital Management (HCM) is one of the most challenging areas for hospitality, tourism and travel related services both in Greece and Cyprus. Their HR needs are unpredictably affected on an annual basis, making them a rather demanding type of organizations when it comes to talent management and recruitment processes. SANI & IKOS Resorts had the need for a flexible, agile, and fully configurable way to achieve hiring efficiency and accuracy by prioritizing candidates.

What we did for the client

Athens Technology Center (ATC), a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), exploited its in-depth understanding of current HR needs in Greece, Cyprus, and the wider region and provided consultancy, training, and implementation services for Oracle Taleo Cloud. In close collaboration with the HR department of SANI & IKOS Resort, ATC designed and implemented the customization of Oracle Taleo Cloud platform in order to serve the specific candidate selection workflow that the hotel follows while automating the recruiting procedures at large.

So far, ATC has customized 2 external career sections (each for SANI & IKOS resorts) to meet the look and feel of the existing sites of the group of hotels, and 2 Candidate Selection Workflows to meet client’s distinguished requirements for hiring candidates.

Furthermore, ATC has also customized an extensive number of fields on Requisition forms, Candidate Files, the offer management procedure, and the detailed advanced search form for Hiring Managers.

The whole project was delivered within 2 months and the 2 parties will continue to work closely with ATC providing all implementation, training, and consulting services required during the client’s 3-year contract.

The outcome

This new HCM system offered modern and evolutionary business operations to support SANI & IKOS Resort’s growth in an international environment.

In fact, it helped them standardize their operations, by leveraging best practices and replacing disparate systems, improve their recruiting processes, reporting, and analysis, providing them with a unified system administration point for all business locations,

Last but not least, it helped them integrate their recruiting processes with social media outlets, securing accuracy, speed, and reliability as per conveying their message to the desired audiences.

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