Implementation services on Saba Cloud Platform & Custom eLearning courses Development for WIND's Commercial Training

A unified IT system to support the commercial training of sales consultants across WIND's network of 260 shops

End-to-end synchronous and asynchronous eLearning system, along with the development of custom eLearning courses, support and consulting for commercial training implementation.






Learning Management System & Courses Library


Saba LMS & custom course development

Tangible Results

1.700 learners, 260 retail shops
1.700 learners, 260 retail shops
2-level certification programs for all sales consultants on WIND’s sales network
2-level certification programs for all sales consultants on WIND’s sales network
WIND awarded with Sales Excellence Award 2018
WIND awarded with Sales Excellence Award 2018

The insights behind the project

WIND aims at providing optimal experiences to customers walking in its stores. For that matter, they needed to maximize the effectiveness of commercial training for its retail chain nationwide and also minimize the learning curve of franchisees, commercial partners, and sales consultants.

What we did for the client

Athens Technology Center provided advisory and technical support to WIND for the best possible exploitation of Saba Cloud infrastructure, which is used as a learning and presentation platform in real-time, along with specialized training in the Commercial Training Division stakeholders. Within the project’s framework, we also provided instructional design and content development of multiple online courses. The core conceptual approach was based on a 360o tour of a WIND retail shop in order to introduce the new sales model, accompanied by extensive sales scenarios. The overall offered services included:
  • Configuration services of commercial product Saba Cloud Engage.
  • Consulting on commercial training implementation, in terms of utilizing eLearning best practices and making the most of Saba Cloud Platform.
  • Training services to WIND’s Training administrators and content authors (design and development) using the corresponding authoring tools of Trivantis (Lectora).
  • Configuration of the completion training certification.
  • Creation of SCORM courses.
  • Supporting services during babysitting period.
  • 2nd Level support for Saba Cloud Platform for all duration of the project.

The outcome

WIND now maintains its retail network in-line with its sales and promotional strategy. Through the Saba Cloud platform, WIND can now conduct continuous training sessions remotely, either in time and place suiting the chain’s staff (asynchronous learning) or on a specific day and time, via a virtual classroom (synchronous learning), supporting simultaneous access by 1.700 users.

WIND is also able to provide:

  • Online testing and evaluation, reducing the volume of documents required so far.
  • Certification and re-certification to external partners via the platform.
  • Quick real-time learning with Real-time Presentation features.

The activation of the educational process at all points in the chain became actual within just one month.

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