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INFLO | Smart Audio for financial organizations

Convert financial research to audio for higher engagement

The future of audio is undeniable

Audio frees investment professionals from the screen barrier, offering time, freedom and flexibility to consume more research content on the go

Spoken audio consumption among professional audiences is growing fast worldwide!

Smart Audio Consumption KPIS

Why research needs Smart Audio

The problem

The buy side is buried in research, reading time is limited & consumption insights are weak.

The solution

Audio differentiates your brand, creates resonance and strong user engagement.

Smart audio goes further, offering users content interaction, the freedom to consume more content on the go and delivers strong consumption insights to your research business.

What is INFLO

INFLO is pioneering enterprise software for enabling users to listen and interact with financial content through smart audio technology, amplifying research engagement and ROI

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Content Ingestion & narration

INFLO’s AI technology ingests financial research, narrating content with a natural voice in up to 30 languages

Easy consumption & voice interaction

Investment professionals can consume more of your research in more places. Creating freedom and flexibility


INFLO provides sentence-level granularity on how your research is consumed. Improving sales outreach and content creation

Audio publishing

Three options to gain ear share:

  • Embed audio in your research platform​
  • Distribute content via a private channel in INFLO app
  • Integrate INFLO functionality into your app 
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Who uses INFLO for Financial Research

Wall Street has already engaged with INFLO.
Tens of thousands of investment professionals now listen to research with our smart audio software.

  • Sales and trading desks
  • Mutual and hedge funds
  • Governments
  • Financial institutions
  • Pension funds
  • Wealth managers

INFLO’s smart audio narration:

  • makes research easier to consume
  • drives “stickier” engagement​
  • provides the industry’s deepest consumption analytics​
Stronger Engagement
Stronger Engagement
20%+ month over month growth
in unique listeners
Higher Consumption
Higher Consumption
5X growth in consumers listening
to 10+ research pieces/month
Massive RoI
Massive RoI
97% completion rate
per research piece

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Your research is designed for a global professional audience. Listen how INFLO offers them the best listening experience.

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Strategic Investors & Partners

Radically transforming how information gets consumed, together.

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Partnerships that matter

Athens Technology Center (ATC) is the technology development partner of EX-IQ, and leads the distribution of INFLO in Europe.


INFLO is created by the creation of EX-IQ Inc, based in the USA. A revolutionary mobile and desktop applications company empowering life-long learners and leaders to make the most out of every moment. 

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