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Smart Shipping

A future proof, scalable and cost effective accounting and reporting software, uniquely tailored for maritime

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A cloud-ready solution that gives an innovative edge to your current information and communications technology infrastructure.

Maritime tailored

Software customized by a global leader in shipping accounting and auditing with a decades-long association to the maritime industry

Future proof

Built on a globally acclaimed, well established, full suite ERP, with thousands of global


Solution grows along with your operation and interfaces well with your other operating systems


Users navigate intuitively so as to minimize familiarization times.

Cost efficient

A feature rich solution, highly customized , based on best of breed technologies

Supported localy

Supported technologically by a responsive, reliable,
local provider

Maritime Accounting Software

Specially designed for maritime

Global Management
Global Management
Manage all vessels, irrespective of their type, and all your receipts and payments in all currencies, in one place and can access it from any location
Automated postings
Automated postings
Perform routine tasks and of mechanical nature, effectively and efficiently (incl. inter-company, accruals, depreciation and amortization, FX differences etc.)
Combinations and Consolidation
Combinations and Consolidation
Numerous alternatives to present the overall position and performance of your fleet and sub-groupings of your fleet
Google-like Search capabilities
Google-like Search capabilities
Find what you want with minimum effort, intuitively, without training

A feature rich, scalable, accounting solution

Navigate intuitively through a multi-company and multi-site suite that interfaces with existing systems

One reliable set of data that feeds consistently to various destinations (accounting books, financial statements, tax records, reports to management)
Cash flow forecasting
Cash flow forecasting
Manage cash by indicating the anticipated timing of collections and payments within the accounts receivable and accounts payable modules, respectively
Drill down functionality
Drill down functionality
Access the granular detail, all the way to the supporting document that can be attached to the accounting record
MS Excel compatibility
MS Excel compatibility
Minimize the effort of importing and exporting information
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Financial Suite overview

  • Voyage accounting
  • Intercompany¬† accounts
  • Masters General Account (MGA)
  • Management accounting
  • Activity Base Costing (ABC)
  • Budgeting & Cash forecasting
  • Bank accounts management - reconciliation
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • OpEx/CapEx management
  • Payment schedule
  • Aging analysis
  • Fixed assets management
  • Automated posting of FX differences
  • Collections schedule
  • Aging analysis
  • Automated posting of FX differences
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