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Corporate newsroom solution

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Bring the newsroom mentality into corporate communications

From SMEs to large organizations, and from agencies to public authorities, infoasset will help you tackle with information overload and lead the communicative integration!

Α holistic, modular approach, helps you to identify important issues or seasonal trends on time, allowing you to seamlessly support your “brand as publisher” strategies!

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Energize your corporate newsroom today!

Strategically build authenticity and transparency, while effectively supporting your brand promise

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Topic Management

Extended social listening features , accompanied by power search tools and filters to detect, track and categorize trends and topics of interest for targeted audiences. 

Plan relevant content

Editorial calendar and task assignment capabilities will help you keep process on track. 

Real time alerts allow you to timely react effectively in every day events. 

Create content

Flexible collaboration capabilities and customized editorial workflows help you to create or repurpose content at any time, even remotely. 

Enhanced digital asset management infrastructure sustains a common content hub for multimedia assets, created or gathered.

Publish content

Cross channel publishing features, including multi-account social media management allow you to effectively push properly customized content whenever you need. 

Analysis and Monitoring

Automated or enhanced media reports, including sentiment analysis features allow you to keep track on important KPIs.

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Where to start

Cut through the information clutter and gain insights into specific topics of interest in real time!

  • Power search tools and filters to identify, track and categorize topics of interest in real time.
  • Automatic media coverage reports alongside sentiment analysis features.
  • Real time alerts to react quickly to any mention or crisis incident, strategically building authenticity and transparency.

Enhanced digital asset management infrastructure safeguards brand’s tone of voice while also securing long term preservation and controlled access for all types of multimedia content.

  • Centralized storage and lifecycle management will help you provide a broad variety of material to media contacts and other stakeholders instantly, at premium quality.

Flexible collaboration capabilities

  • Remote, role-based access & customized editorial workflows
  • Commenting and version control features

Cross channel publishing features

  • Both internal & external stakeholders stay in touch;
  • Multimedia content is easily distributed across multiple platforms and mediums, properly customized
Streamlined processes & synergies enablement

Seamlessly work with your partner agency via remote, role-based access and customized editorial workflows, accompanied by commenting and version control features

Real time monitoring of editorial workflows

Speed up collaboration and information exchange until the final publication, distribution or broadcast

Improved reaction capabilities

Create and distribute content both on an “act now” approach or on a deadline basis

Unique benefits

SaaS based solution to reduce the high cost of collecting, creating, managing and distributing content!

Long term preservation & controlled access to brand assets

Safeguard your brand’s tone of voice via centralized storage and lifecycle management for all types of digital content, that allows you to provide a broad variety of content to media contacts instantly

Targeted content

Keep staff, customers and media in touch, with customized information packages, depending on specific thematic targeting or group of recipients

Unified, user friendly user environment

Easy to use, multilingual UI with short learning curve


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